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Proud Papa

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The moon is Waxing Gibbous

As proud a parent, or step-parent, can be!

My wife reported to me today that our daughter is a bit of a writer, which I knew. What I did not know, however, is that at least one of her teachers thinks she’s good enough to get published. Or have her work submitted to a contest. I wish I could claim that it was biological superiority that made her such a literary genius, but, alas, she is my step-daughter and I can make no such claim. However, it does give weight to the nurture-vs-nature argument. She has, after all, seen me working at the Craft for more than five years now. Surely, some of that must have rubbed off on her. I hope that the fact I don’t make a living at it has registered for her, too. And, all the network administration I’ve taught her. I hope she’ll learn something other than Novell, though, because it’s really become too much of a niche market.
In any case, I have all the tools to help her find the appropriate publication or contest to submit her work to, if she wishes. I will not push her to do so, only suggest. At the moment, she writes for her own pleasure and I’d hate to take that away from her, but I would be tickled if I can help her get published. That’s something that I have yet to do.
In the mean time, I’ll just be as proud as I can be of my daughter, the Writer.


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