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No! We Can’t!

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The moon is Waxing Crescent

Good morning, Spammers, this quick note is just for you:

In response to your many SPAM comments and e-mails, no, we cannot exchange links.  I do not care to support your website that has nothing at all to do with anything I’m remotely interested in.  What’s more, I think you spammy, bottom-feeding, marketers of the lowest-common-denominator are the scourge of the internet and should be beaten.  Regularly.  When I link to a website, it’s either because I’ve used their product and liked it, it’s something I think is cool, or it’s run by a friend.  Anything else that is linked to from this website is part of one of the advertising programs that help pay for it.  It’s not free, and I found them.  They didn’t spam me with links and requests based on the fact that I rank well in Google.

So, no, I won’t participate in some random link-exchange with you, you parasites, and your anonymous, automated e-mails and comments will be deleted.

Thanks for asking!

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