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Black Helicopters and Conspiracies

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The moon is Waxing Gibbous

Well, last week, I saw black helicopters flying over fields West of my office. Now, Anne thinks that I’ve been watch too much First Wave, but I swear there were military helicopters flying around out there. Gosh, it’s weird having a window… I saw all that, incidentally, because I was using my second machine to get the screen captures that Novell wants for my corporate licensing agreement self-audit. (Oh, boy, is my job fun, or what?) Anyway, that machine faces the windows in my office. Well, for those of you that care, I’ve just about gotten my new bookstore done. I decided to redo it from stem to stern, as it were. Not only am I doing away with the JavaScript menus, to make it easier to navigate without having any security concerns, but I’m adding a lot of new books! Don’t worry, though, all my old favorites will be there, too. On another note, Allie, Anne’s daughter, started piano lessons on Saturday. Apparently, her Nana (grandmother to you Northern carpet-baggers) has done so much work with her that Allie skipped right to the second or third lesson! Good for Allie, but it makes me wonder just what she’s been doing over at Nana’s… Anyway, she seems to have enjoyed the first lesson, at least. We’ll see how long she keeps at it. Hopefully, she’ll stick with it. I’d like to think that music positively influenced my life, even if I don’t make my living via music. Speaking of family, Nancy and Tim, her new beau, are getting married! Yikes! I don’t think her divorce is even done yet!! (Ah, if only her sister would take a cue from that…) So, we’ll be flying up there in October for that wedding. Big fun. Hopefully, Anne will get the time off. I already have, but… Well, the life of a contractor is a little different. I think it’ll be okay, but you just never know. Well, more later in the week, but that’s all for now. Stay tuned for the latest wedding plans and developments.

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