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Novell Documents for Palm

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The moon is Waning Crescent

Yesterday I made the most wonderful discovery…. Novell AppNotes in Palm format.

I don’t know how long they’ve had it on their site, but Novell has all kinds of stuff in Palm database format. Don’t let that throw you, though, it’s just how the Palm Reader wants documents. I’ve got to tell you, for a Palm geek like me, this is great news! They’ve got everything here that a Novell CNE with a Palm could want.
I downloaded everything from NDS troubleshooting guides to information about testing LDAP. I grabbed an introduction to MySQL for Novell and ton of stuff about maintaining NetWare and NDS. It gives me something to read while I’m waiting for processes to run. It’s really great stuff!
Not everything at the Novell AppNotes site is formatted for the Palm, but a lot of stuff from the past year sure is. I know I’m gushing a little bit, but this really is great for me. I’ve been formating HTML pages for the Palm from Novell’s support database for years, but they never turn out so well. This not only looks good, but someone else did most fo the work!

Well, I’m off to read documentation!

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