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Grey Winter Day Blues

Filed under: Personal — Posted by the Network Geek during the Hour of the Hare which is in the early morning or 7:13 am for you boring, normal people.
The moon is Waning Crescent

Another grey winter day in Houston.

Not much going on here in Houston today. It’s just another grey, Winter day, like so many before and so many to follow. We’re in the icy heart of Winter and my soul is cold today.
Instead of working out this morning, I fell asleep on the floor for one-half-hour. That really irritated me. I like the activity of my little morning work outs. Sure, sometimes it’s hard to do, but the rewards are clear when I look in the mirror. Maybe that’s why I feel a little extra depressed today. Like nothing is quite turning out the way I’d like. Of course, I tell myself that the way I’d like things to turn out aren’t always the best way, but still, most of us like getting our own way, right?
The other thing is, I saw that Novell had a job opening in Houston, still. I applied there back in late October, or early November, but never heard back from them. I’m fairly sure that they were looking for a NetWare 6 CNE, but I’m just a NetWare 5 CNE still. The catch-22 is, I can’t get the book to update to NetWare 6 for several months and by then I hope to be deep into working on my MCSE. Well, I sent them my resume again, just in case. I honestly don’t think they’ll look at it any more seriously, but I can’t pass up the potential chance to work for Novell. It’s really frustrating to feel like my career is in limbo while I try to pay bills, get back on my feet, and retrain. I hate that feeling. But, that’s where I’m at right now. That is my reality. So, there’s nothing else to do but keep on going.
If I could set up some kind of side business for extra income, I don’t think I’d mind quite so much. I’d write, but that takes so much time and pays so little that it almost doesn’t seem worth it. But, I don’t really have too many other bankable skills these days. Oh, maybe I could do up some fonts for sale, but they’ll be pirated before I can blink. The same thing goes for my maps and just about anything else I can think of to sell online. Maybe people are more honest than I think, but I doubt it. I don’t know, maybe something else will occur to me.
In the meantime, I’m going to try not to give into the depression.

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