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The moon is Waning Gibbous

Well, I guess I’m right on topic this week….

On Sunday, I questioned how long Novell, and Netware, was going to last. Well, it seems that with BrainShare, Novell’s user conference, this week, Computerworld was asking the same questions. They ran two articles: NetWare community insists their NOS will live and NetWare Stalwarts Remain Loyal Despite Dwindling Market Share. So, it seems that I’m pretty much in the mainstream of Novell Netware enthusiasts. But, like a lot of other Network Engineers, I’m looking toward other solutions, like Linux, for instance. Well, guess what? So is Novell! According to this article, also at Computerworld, Novell adopts Linux as NetWare migration path! I guess Linux, and the Linux+ certification, really isn’t a bad thing for me to do at all! (On a side note, this story got a mention on Slashdot, a news website for geeks. The posting is here.)

I guess I really have been in this business long enough to see the writing on the wall. Go figure.

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