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The moon is a Third Quarter Moon

Blogging for the paranoid.

At least, that’s how I see this new service at invisiblog. And, actually, that’s how they sell it to the public, too. Of course, in the FAQ, they readily admit that they’ll sell you out if anyone puts any legal pressure on them. I guess that’s to be expected in today’s litigious society. After all, why should they protect your privacy? What have you done for them?
Really, isn’t that what this is all about? Protecting one’s own posterior? I mean, really, who would go to jail for a principle these days? Not me, I can tell you that for sure. Especially not to protect some nut-case who’s pissed off the government or big business. Then again, those kind of rabble-rousers are the sort that actually founded this country… Still, who needs the hassle? Right? So, that’s why they recommend using MixMaster, which is an anonymous remailer. With that, one can post somewhat more anonymously. Of course, now we’re starting to get into more hard core privacy, so only the most dedicated need apply.
And, that, my dear readers, begs the question… Who needs this service? What can someone possibly post to a blog that is so dangerous that the blogger needs to worry about their identity? Well, I can think of several things, some of which are actually legal, but fewer are both legal and moral. So, yeah, there’s the political activists that will want this. (Read that as, “Nut-case, type A”, original recipe.) And, then, there will be the “sexually oriented businesses” that will want to use it. (Read that as, “Nut-case, type B”, extra crispy.) The truly sad thing is, if this runs to type, it will be the “adult” industry that pushes the technical envelope on this, just like they did with things like secure transactions and streaming video. It’s a sad, sick world, isn’t it?

Well, maybe the cypherpunks will prove me wrong. Either them or the Libertarians.

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