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The moon is Waning Crescent

There’s more than 100 entries here now.

It just struck me, as I was signing in to the blog software, that I have more than 100 entries in this blog now. That’s pretty amazing, to me, anyway. Of course, I’m not sure how many people really read this blog, besides me, my wife, my daughter and my mother-in-law. And, I’m not quite convinced about my mother-in-law, either. But, as always, I conduct myself as if I’m always being watched. After all, since I appled to federal service once, I could, in fact, be under surveilance. Well, in theory anyway. Hey! Work with me on this one!

Anyway, it’s pretty cool, to me, that I’ve had that much to say. And, it’s cool that blog software has come so far since I started doing all this.
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