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Shifting Gears

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The moon is Waxing Crescent

What happens when you torque converter goes out?

Well, for starters, you stall at stop lights a lot. That’s what happened to me on the way home on Friday. Twice. I almost messed myself.
But, I got it home and called a friend of mine who has his own garage business. He’s real good about trading me free computer advice for free car advice. And, he’s got damn good rates, too. Mainly, though, it’s just nice to have someone I know I can trust.
Anyway, he came by and took a quick look at it on Saturday, which is when we discovered that the Explorer had: A) a leak and B) almost no transmission fluid in it. So, we poured in the magic transmission goop that he said we should buy and got a quart of trans fluid to pour in, too, just in case. Well, that helped a lot, but it still stalls out at a stop light if I get it up to 45 mph before stopping. So, he’s going to take a look at it tomorrow for me.
He says he thinks it’s the torque converter solenoid that’s sticking, whatever that is. It sounds expensive. *sigh* But, not as expensive as getting a transmission rebuilt! So, all in all, it could be worse.

Stay tuned!

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