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Mac Clones?

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The moon is Waxing Crescent

Has mac finally figured out the PC’s secret?

I’ve seen articles about it before, but it looks like they finally have a site up and running. HappyWare is selling a device that they call CORE, which is, basically, a cheaper clone of a Mac. I’d say that it’s about time. After all, it was the proliferation of cheap clone PC hardware that led to it’s dominance in the market. Apple made the first real personal computer, but kept the hardware proprietary and, therefore, doomed themselves to being the “number 2” personal computing solution. IBM, on the other hand, really let loose and, through decentralization, took over the market. All of which is what let Bill Gates dominate the software market. Damn Apple!
Anyway, now you can get a cheaper Mac clone. I say, go for it! If I only had money, I would. I’ve always secretly craved a Mac, just because they have nice graphics. Maybe one day….

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