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On the Enjoyment of Sandwiches

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The moon is Waxing Gibbous

I feel compelled to say something.

Yesterday, I put up an entry about Warren Zevon’s passing. I commented on how he admonished we who he leaves behind to “Enjoy every sandwich”. Then, I signed into a YahooGroup that I have, from time to time, participated in, called ConCulture. There had been a debate raging back and forth, the subject of which doesn’t really matter, between two groups of fairly unreasonable people. I was one of them. Before I learned of Mr. Zevon’s death, I had been going to make a rather scathing commentary about the debate. But, when I returned to it, I saw how silly it was. In short, it didn’t make my sandwich taste any better.

So, instead, I commented on the fact that Mr. Zevon had died, and what he’d said. I was met with confusion, which is understandable, and derogatory remarks about Mr. Zevon’s work. Specifically, the comment was made that his “werewolf song sucks”. I responded privately to the two people. Both responses, I think, were civil and explanatory. Though, I have no doubt that the message I was trying to impart was totally lost on at least one of the participants. He had no idea where Mr. Zevon fit into music history, much less the message he left us. I doubt, though, that this person understands why we should enjoy our sandwiches.

I’m sure the small-minded, culturally-illiterate poster didn’t mean to sound either ignorant nor insensitive. Still, it’s a shame that he’ll miss out on the message. Our time on this planet is short. We have only a little time to experience whatever it is we’re here to see, do and feel. And, we will have only so many sandwiches to eat and enjoy. It’s a common enough thing, eating a sandwich. Why should we enjoy it? We’ll most likely eat thousands of sandwiches in our lifetime. So, why should every one be special?
Because, gentle reader, everything about life is special. It’s only on the way out that most of us notice, and then, it’s too late. So, while we’re alive and filled with vigor, let’s enjoy the common things in life. Enjoy the smiles of our loved ones. Enjoy the flight of birds. Enjoy the sounds of Mr. Zevon’s music, and other’s music, too. Enjoy the smell of the roses.
And, most of all, enjoy every sandwich.

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