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Patriot II?

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The moon is a Full Moon

I hope not.

Now, I am a patriot. In fact, I describe myself as a nationalist, but I’m not in favor of continuing the Patriot Act, under any name. However, according to this article on Wired News, that’s just what some Senators are trying to do. In fact, it’s our old buddy Orrin Hatch who’s leading the charge.
Now, folks, I’m all for stopping terrorists and drug-dealers, but I’m not in favor of the erosions of privacy that they’re trying to get through. For instance, why stop a legal US resident from sending money home to a foreign country? Okay, okay, sure, got to stop people from supporting the terrorists over-seas, but should that stop someone sending money home to a sick mother? Should that take options away from judges who might have seen a glimmer of hope when talking to a first-time drug offender? Personally, I know several people that were “scared straight” by their first encounter with the criminal justice system.
But, wait, there’s more! This little doozey would also: Allow the FBI to get a wiretap order on a wireless device, such as a cell phone, from any district court in the country, Force defendants who are trying to exclude illegal wiretap evidence to prove police intentionally broke the rules, Increase the ability of the FBI to self-issue subpoenas for terrorism investigations without having to consult a judge, and Ease restrictions on government access to sensitive financial records. In other words, it would move us toward an elected fascist state. How do you feel about that, Comrade?
So, contact your Congressman and protest. Don’t let them take away any more of your personal freedoms!

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