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Digital Slavemarket…

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The moon is Waning Crescent

or tech tradeshow?

You make the call. According to this article on Wired News, the TechxNY technology tradeshow, which was formerly known as PCExpo, was little more than an outsourcing bazarre this year. Representatives from Bulgaria, China, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, Grenada, India, Romania, Russia and Nepal were all there trying to convince American companies to send jobs off-shore to their countries, where workers come cheap. A Russian representative was offering an experienced rocket-scientist at $40K. Frankly, from the description, the whole thing stank of a slave market. (And, not just to me, either. At least one person quoted in the article said the same thing.)
When is this going to end? What will it take to make, and keep, tech jobs in the United States? How long will we, the American voting public, let this go on? When will we wake up and put our neighbors first, before selling them out to cheap labor overseas?
The whole thing makes me sick. And, very, very glad to have a job in my industry. Not many of my tech-worker brothers and sisters can say the same.

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