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Damn Spammers

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The moon is Waxing Crescent

I knew that new anti-spam bill was too good to be true!

And, according to what Ed over at Gripelog has to say, it is!
First off, the bill doesn’t even really limit spam! All it does is require legit spammers to follow certain really, really loose and lightweight rules. For instance, they are required to give you a valid opt-out and a valid address. Aren’t they already obligated to do that?! And, which of them does? What’s more, I still have to deal with the incoming spam!
Second, the bill has no real teeth. Violaters can’t be sued! So, what do we do when they violate the potential law? Give ’em dirty looks!?
Third, and this, to me, is the most damning evidence that something is deeply flawed with the bill, the spammers like it! They talk it up on their own little on-line newspaper, right here. C’mon, Sentators, the idea here is to piss these people off! They’re supposed to be mad because you’ve hamstrung them. If they’re not mad, that means that I can still get spam in my Inbox!!

Well, maybe this will die and someone will come up with a better bill. Hmm, maybe I should get into politics….

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