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The moon is Waxing Gibbous

Orrin’s at it again….

Look, I mainly see myself as a Republican. Okay, maybe a “Reform” Republican. A Republican with a social conscience? Anyway, in spiet of my Republican leanings, Orrin Hatch and his cronies piss me off. Didn’t we learn enough about theivery at Watergate? According to this story on WiredNews, no, we didn’t.
One of Orrin’s staffers has been caught with their hand in the Democratic cookie-jar. Obviously, this kind of thing goes on more than we’d like to think in Washington, but most of the time the crooks are better at not being caught. Of course, we have lots of evidence that Orrin’s not exactly tech savy, so maybe he didn’t understand what his staffers were doing. Hmm, maybe not. I’d like to believe that he’s just that ignorant, but I can’t quite make myself go there. So, now, he’s distanced himself from that staffer while the Senate “sergeant at arms” launches an investigation. Of course, that poor sap will be crucified for Orrin’s career, but the question is, how much did Orrin know?

Damn, it’s really looking like it’s time to vote Libertarian. And, after my birthday, I’ll be old enough to run for President. Hmm, maybe in a couple of years….

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