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Extending MovableType

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So, do you ever wonder what a guy who manages servers does for “fun”? PERL programming, among other things. And, obviously, blogging. So, like peanut butter and chocolate, I decided to combine two “great tastes”.
The blog system I use here, and on my other site, is called MovableType and is programmed in PERL. Well, for some time now I’ve been hankering for custom dates and calendars, but no one has worked on it. So, I decided to try and do it myself. I’ve been messing around with PERL for a little bit now and I know it well enough to steal code, so I figured I had a shot at it. I started with an Islamic date module because it was the easiest to use and, a couple of days later, I had a working test blog. But, that just wasn’t good enough for me, so I started working on using Tolkien’s Shire Reckoning. (Which was made easier by the fact that Tom Braun had done up a CPAN module to do most of the actual work!)

I’m not quite done with it, but when I am, I’ll have a download link and instructions here for you.
Keep checking back!

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