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Happy New Year!

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The moon is Waxing Gibbous

Hey, let’s start the New Year off right!

With fear over our jobs in the current market! WooHOO!
Here are two stories about the trend in out sourcing geek jobs. Neither paint a pretty picture. They’re both on Business Week Online.
First, we have a fun little article about how India is corporate IT’s “silent partner”. Hmm, not sure how “silent” they are, and they’re no partner of mine, frankly. I detest this trend in outsourcing, especially over-seas. Why do we let other countries profit from what we invented? Especially at the sacrifice of our own jobs?
Well, this second article, on the rise of India might explain part of it. So, India send their best and brightest over to the States to get PhD.’s, then welcome them home and court US business. Hmm… So, why aren’t we focusing more on science and technology in education in our schools? Why aren’t we encouraging our own kids to do what these foregin kids are doing? Any professional “educators” out there want to take a stab at that? Oh, wait, that’s not their job is it…..

Okay, boyz and grrls, it’s time to take charge of your profession. We need to do more with less and be more aggressive and creative than our foregin competitors or we’re all going to be out on the street. Look at your resumes right now. No, really, go ahead. I’ll wait…
Now, are those the skills that are going to keep you competitive for the next three years? No? Then you better bust open a book and start working on the Next Big Thing. (Hey, when you figure that out, let me know, will ‘ya?)

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