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Case Mod Tools

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Tools to get fun jobs done!

I figured that after all the yammering I did about cool case mods a couple of weeks (months?) ago, I should throw this onto the blog – Yoshi, the resident case mod freak at Tech TV, has put up an article about tools to use for case modding. Not only is it a good introduction to what goes into a case mod, but it’s a pretty good review of the reasonable tools available to get the job done. (We’re not talking laser cutters here. Just regular Joe stuff.)
Also, as an aid to new case modders, there’s also an article about Yoshi’s ammo case PC. One of the cool things about this particular project is the motherboard he used. The VIA EPIA Mainboard came with a mounting bracket that also made a handy template for cutting the custom holes in the ammo case for all the periferals and attachments, except the power supply. If you’ve never done a case mod, trust your Uncle Jim, that can be a big deal.

So, now you’ve got the info to get started on your own case mod. If anyone does one based on this post, drop me a note and I’ll put it up as an entry on the Diary of a Network Geek blog!

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