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Do you trust your bank?

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The moon is Waning Crescent

If you do business with them on the Internet, do you check your balances?

Well, it sounds like you better start! According to this story on AustalianIT, banking on the Internet may not be as safe as you thought. (Okay, this really was only effecting Australian bank customers, but still…) Apparently, some wiley Russian and Latvian crakers have put together a set of trojans to collect personal account data. They then use this data to move funds to an accomplice’s account in the same country as the bank, in this case, Australia. Then, the accomplice takes their cut and sends the rest on to the rest of his crew. Pretty scary.
On the upside, it’s out and known now, so I’m sure people are working on getting it stopped. Also, you know about it, so you can take the right precautions, like never using an unsecured computer to access bank accounts. And, of course, this hasn’t been reported in the US. Yet.

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