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Adobe stamping out counterfeiting

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The moon is a New Moon

I see this as a good thing.

I seem to recall hearing about this quite some time ago, but it’s surfaced again and seems to be causing a ruckus. Not sure why, though. According to this article on AustrailianIT, Adobe has added code to Photoshop to prevent people from making duplicates of certain currencies. Their argument is, of course, that legitimate users shouldn’t be troubled by this since they shouldn’t have any issues with “imperfect” image. Frankly, I agree. But, this has apparently riled a bunch of artist types for some reason.
The article doesn’t go into many details for their reasoning, but I can’t imagine what would cause so much turmoil. I mean, what purpose could you have for creating a such a hyper-accurate reproduction of United States currency? If it’s for art, surely the artist can recreate a reasonable replacement to go over the change. And, even given the “art” aspect of it, I have a hard time picturing what might require such accurate copies of legal tender.
Anyway, the story is interesting.


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