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Email Caller-ID Plan

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The moon is Waning Crescent

Is this really a good idea?

If this were coming from anyone but Bill Gates, I’d say “yes”. But, according to this article on AustralianIT, it’s Chairman Bill that’s suggesting this. And, of course, trying to patent it. And, eventually, no matter what he says, charge for it. And, there lies the rub. It’s a great idea, but not if I’m going to be sending Micro$oft money everytime I send or recieve an e-mail.
Oh, I know, it’s only fair if they develop the system and everyone uses it. Sure, but is it right? It’s fair and legal, but is it moral? No. And, past experience has shown that Micro$oft will eventually charge for it, not matter what “it” is at the direction of Chariman Bill. Fact of life. So, please, please, don’t support a MicroSoft-centric, closed standard version of this. But, should some enterprising young Open Source developer come up with something….

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