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On Finding A CNE…

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The moon is Waxing Crescent

I got an interesting phone call yesterday…

It seems that I’m so popular a hit on Google for “CNE Resume” that now people are asking me to help them find CNEs in other cities. A poor, frustrated small-business owner called me yesterday, out of the blue at my day-job, looking for help finding a CNE in Dallas. First of all, I was suprised to get that kind of call at my work. I guess she traced me down by way of my resume and the helpfull operator at my job. Anyway, she had apparently been looking for someone to come in and help her get something done on her network, but couldn’t find anyone. What’s more, she seemed to be having trouble getting through to the Novell sales office in Dallas. In any case, I wasn’t able to help her much, since everyone I know who’s a CNE is in Houston these days, and maybe back in Chicago. I’ve lost touch with everyone in Dallas that I used to know from Harbor Financial.
So, I finally got her connected to the Novell website Partner Locator. That seemed to pull up a number of options that might work for her. I felt really bad for her because there really aren’t too many good resources for people in her position. Maybe that’s why so many small business seem to favor Micro$oft these days? Maybe this is an opportunity Novell to get some market pentration… You know, if they started to market to the smaller businesses and encouraged the smaller IT consulting firms to have CNEs on staff to support them, maybe Novell would get into some markets that they hadn’t thought of before. Maybe…

So, you CNEs out there, if you want to be seen, join the CNE Resume Webring! It really could get you noticed!

Well, I hope she got her help. Good luck!

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