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More New Job News!

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The moon is a New Moon

Prospects look good!

The company is Oceaneering International and the job itself looks great. I’d be one of two guys rolling out a world-wide network solution using Novell products. And they’re using pretty much everything: Netware, Groupwise, Zen for Desktops, Zen for Servers, you name it. This is the big-time. The slowest links they have are fractional T1, but that should be enough to use RSync to synchronize data back to the corporate office for backups. Which is the plan. So, unlike the current gig, there’d be no chasing after users at remote sites to change tapes! They also have Linux and are looking to do more with Linux. They also seem to be pretty good about training and certification. I talked with one guy there who was telling me that they reimburse for books.
Also, the benefits look great. They match 100% of the first 6% on 401k contributions. They have a vision plan, which matters to a family of glasses wearing freaks like us. And, if I’m reading the benefits description right, I’d get three weeks vacation after the first year. So, the benefits are pretty damn good.
Perhaps more importantly, the guys that I’ve met so far seem pretty easy to get along with. They’re really easy going and always cutting up, so I think I’d fit in quite well. Oh, and one of them has a full beard, so I asked if I could grow mine back. Yes. Yes, I could rebeard myself. Huzzah!

The only thing now is for them to actually make an offer. And, if they will offer enough for me to live on… In the interview they tried to low-ball me. Frankly, as much as I love the job, I just cannot take another pay cut.
So, I guess the good news is there’s been a law firm sniffing around for a Groupwise admin…. Not my favorite pidgeon-hole, but it’s better than being outsourced! So, we’ll see how it goes.
I’ll post updates!

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