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The moon is Waxing Crescent

Or is that “blues”?

Well, I got a call from the headhunter today. No offer yet. Still, I’ve been told that I’m realy their only candidate anymore, so I’m not worried.
What was worrisome, however, was the fact that the headhunter kept pushing me to see how low I would go on salary. Apparently, I’m a little bit more expensive than the client wanted to pay. On the other hand, how many CNEs with 10+ years of hands-on experience, who also happen to be Linux+ certified, can there be floating around Houston? How many of them, assuming that there are more than one, have broken NDS, on purpose, and recovered it? Twice? What is that worth? I guess we’ll find out tomorrow….
The truly hard thing is that I’d really, really like to take this job. But, I just can’t afford another pay cut. We’re living at the bare minimum as it is. Another cut and someone around here has to stop eating! (Of course, I could stand to loose another 15 pounds, or so….)

Well, based on the way things were sounding, I did some follow up on two other jobs that had come my way. We’ll see if anything turns up there. And, on the “plus side”, they still haven’t set a date for outsourcing, so I’m ahead of the game. If I can just find a good job that pays at least what I’m making now, before the outsourcing starts, I’ll be a happy network geek!


Cool Shirt!

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The moon is Waxing Crescent

Hey, I just got a t-shirt from Novell!

I went to check the mail after doing that last entry and found a t-shirt from the Cool Solutions people at Novell. Apparently, they give out t-shirts now, when you give them something to use on their site. So, I had e-mailed them a tip, which they used, and they sent me a t-shirt. A purple t-shirt, I might add. There are six other colors and they promise not to send me the same color twice. So, I guess I need to give them six more good ideas….
Gotta’ get ’em all!


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