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Job Search Final Update

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The moon is Waxing Gibbous

for awhile, I hope.

Well, if you’re a big geek like me and have been following my adventures lately finding a new job, you know that I have, in fact, found one. Here’s the update… I never did go to that last interview at the second place. I was ready, but the headhunter agreed that it was pretty much a waste of time, since I was 99.999% sure nothing could change my mind about the Oceaneering International job. Also, the client, who was a large law firm, said the same thing. Basically, a waste of time all the way around. So, I didn’t go.
Now, I still haven’t signed the papers. Why? Well, first I have to pass a criminal background check and a drug screen. Neither are a problem, of course, since my background was good enough to work for a relatively high-security business. I mean, an armored car company has to be careful, you know? So, that should take a couple of days to get done and processed. I would imagine that Friday, I’ll be doing the last of the “yes-I-want-the-job” paperwork. Which is also when I’ll give my “official” two-weeks notice. Of course, I’ve alreayd told them that I’ll be going, so I’ll actually end up interviewing my replacement. Interesting….

Oh, I also got a package from the headhunters that placed me. They sent a copy of Who Moved My Cheese? with a couple of notes. It was actually pretty nice, though a little out of place considering my particular situation. I mean, I was the driving force throughout all this personal change. Still, I’ve been meaning to read the book, and now I have. And, it was nice.

Soon, I’ll have updates about the actuall new job!

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