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Hello Kitty Robot

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The moon is a New Moon

Oh, God, now my wife will want one….

Those wacky Japanese are at it again! They’ve created a Hello Kitty Robot. It’s aimed at women in their 30’s, which is my wife’s demographic, no matter what she tells you. The robot will “recognize up to 10 human faces through a built-in camera. It “communicates” with people by using expressions out of 20,000 memorized patterns of conversation while expressing its “emotions” by moving its head and arms”.

This is surely a sign of the end times. God help us all!

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  1. I want the Hello Kitty that you plug into your computer that types along with you. I don’t need Robo Kitty until she speaks Engrish.

    Comment by Anne — 7/16/2004 @ 1:56 pm

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