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The moon is a Full Moon

Now that I have your attention…

I was reading a blog over the weekend which suggested that “being sexy” was a “rule” for writing on the web. He lists nine other tips in his article, 10 Tips on Writing the Living Web, but that one stuck out. I disagree with that particular tip. I don’t really need to write about my sexlife online. Too many people know too much about it already! The last thing I need to do is open that up for public perusal. I mean, if the comments about Strom Thurman are any indication, my sex life would be roundly critisized by more mouth-breathing droolers than I care to imagine.
Granted, sex does sell. So, if I were selling this blog, I’d be wise to sell it with a side-order of sex. But, I am NOT selling this blog, so gratuitous references to Britney Spears, Carmen Electra, or whoever the flavor of the month is are really not neccessary. Neither is talking about Britney getting married or how Madonna is a kabbalist. I’m free from looking deep into the heart of reality tv, the presidential election, or the war in Iraq. I am by no means compelled to discuss any of it. In fact, based on the title of this blog, an ususpecting reader might actually expect that I would talk about networking. (They’d be sadly mistaken most of the time, but, still, they’d be right to expect it.)

So, I’ll leave the cheap, sleazy, tabloid come-ons for the other blog writers and agree to disagree with Mr. Bernstein regarding being “sexy” on the web. Thanks.

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