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Oh, Best Buy *is* Evil!

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The moon is a New Moon

Yeah, this pretty well sums up my experience with them.

Okay, so you all may remember my horrible experience with Best Buy a little while back? Well, according to this article on Ars Technica, I may have just been one of the lucky few that they wanted to get rid of. Now, I know that I’m not all that great about doing things like filling out rebates and such, but I sure do shop around to check prices. I mean, hey, money is pretty tight these days, so I can’t afford to be fat, dumb and happy when I’m shilling out my hard-earned cash for tech stuff. Besides, I practically live on the web, so I’d have to be some kind of idiot if I didn’t at least look at prices before I bought something.
Anyway, if you’ve ever been jerked around by Best Buy, the article is pretty interesting and informative. I highly reccomend it before doing your Christmas shopping at Best Buy.

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