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Okay, Point Taken

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The moon is Waning Crescent

Okay, even God and religion can be taken too far.

Just when I was about to get all smug and self-righteous, I see the story about the man trying to preach to the lions in Taipei. I trust in God, but that’s going a little too far. I mean, I really think God counts on me to make smarter decisions than that.

So, anyway, I picked up a couple of nice journals last night. (Yeah, I don’t tell you everything!) And a book or two that I’ve been wanting. Well, one I’ve been lusting after for some time. The other just looked interesting. Oh, and I bought a new dishwasher over the weekend, too. I didn’t really want to do that, but the old one made this hideous grinding sound and stopped. Gulp! Well, I’m waiting to see how much installation is, but I’m sure it will be worth it. After all, it was on sale and it comes with QuietGuard! (Whatever the hell that is.) Besides, my wife and I are worth the cheapest Sears dishwasher there is.
Hmm, that sounded better when I was spending the money I don’t have to get it.



Let’s Get Personal

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The moon is Waning Crescent

I’ve got a lot on my mind.

So, I’ve been thinking lately. That’s never a good sign.
I’ve been thinking about crutches. Not the kind you use when you break a leg, but the other, less desirable kind. I’ve used lots of crutches in my day. Everything from smoking to over-eating to religion and even sex. I’ve used almost every crutch you can think of to not deal with psychological pain, except, ironically, drugs or alchohol. I’m thankfull that I’ve never turned to those, but the one’s I have used are bad enough.
I’m working on my weight, but, at 186 pounds, I’m doing okay there. I did just enjoy a pipe before coming in to write this. (No, not a “bowl” a pipe with regular, legal, tobacco.) I’m not going to go into details on what’s causing my pain, but I will say that I’m dealing with it in much more healthy ways than I have in the past. I haven’t gone and eaten a whole half-gallon of ice cream by myself, for instance. I haven’t sought out sex to numb the pain. I really should pray more, but, that’ll come in time.

A number of years ago, I would have done physical harm to myself to avoid the psychological pain. I’d have cut myself or burned myself, but I haven’t done that in years and I’m not going to start again.
In fact, of all my crutches, the only one I can reccomend is God. God’s always there, waiting for me to come back. Always patient with me. God always believes in me, even when I don’t believe in myself. I wish I could trust in Him more and let His plan for me, whatever that may be, unfold without my trying to control it. It’s hard for me to let go. But, I keep trying.

I don’t know how things are going to turn out and that scares me. I don’t like living in fear. But, what are my other choices? I just have to keep going and hope for the best. I trust that God will find the best way for me, even if I don’t know what that way is myself.


The Joys of Mac

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The moon is a Third Quarter Moon

Um, yeah…

Okay, if you know me, you know that I constantly make fun of my brother, the Mac user. He’s got a PhD. in Physical Chemistry, works in R&D at Motorola, and is basically a genius. But, for some reason that I cannot explain, he’s totally devoted to his Mac. I don’t know, maybe he’s got that super-secret funny-little-picture-to-what-it-really-does decoder ring, or something, but I can never find just where I want to go to get stuff done on a Mac. Of course, I’m almost only on a Mac when something has gone horribly wrong, but still… Well, when I saw this movie about the “joys” of Macs, I knew I had to post it. Please be aware that the link will load a video in another window. Or, at least, it will attempt to do so.

Enjoy! And, happy Friday!


Novell ZENWorks Imaging Boot Secrets

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The moon is Waning Gibbous

I’m finally getting it!

Okay, so it only took three months and a visit from a Novell Service Engineer for me to finally get it, but I have. Here’s the big secret to making ZENWorks imaging Linux boot CDs: key information is not anywhere to be found on the web. But, of course, the Network Geek will share with his loyal readers.
Now, I’ll do this in more detail later, but here it is in a nutshell. To update the bootable CD, first, get a good image and, using the instructions for adding a driver to the ZEN Boot image, get into the initrd.gz file on a machine that has the kernel version you want to update the CD to use. Now, copy all the drivers you want to use from the patched/updated server to the mounted initrd filesystem. Unmount that and re GZIP it. Now, copy your bzImage, or whatever, to a temp directory and rename it to “kernel”. Now, copy both of these files into the ISO, or make a new one with everything else on the CD. Burn it and go.

Yeah, yeah, I know, I went too fast, I’ll do it again with more detail later. I just was excited about it and had to throw that out there. Way cool!

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