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A Place to Lay Your Head

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The moon is Waxing Crescent

Well, thankfully, I’m not quite that desperate, yet.

But, apparently, I’m not quite as lonely as Japanese guys seem to be. At least, that’s what the makers of the “lap pillow” seem to think. According to this article on MSNBC, this “pillow” shaped like a woman’s lap, is very popular with middle-aged Japanese men who seem to find it somehow comforting. It comes with both a red and black skirt, though I’m not sure why. Of course, I don’t quite get the allure of laying your head in a simulated lap anyway. I mean, it’s one thing when the nice lady is running her hand through your hair or stroking it or whatever, but just a dead, disembodied lap? Well, whatever it takes to get you through the night, I guess.

Aw, what the heck, it’s Friday, click on the link and look at the creepy pictures!

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