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My Fish Are Spawning

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The moon is Waning Gibbous

No, that is not some kind of euphemism!
This morning when I’m drinking my coffee and praying, which is how I start every workday, I see something splashing about in the back of the square pond. At first, I thought it was a bird taking a little bath. Then, I thought it might be a squirrel that fell in and was dragging itself out. But, finally, it occurred to me that the weather was nice, the water was getting warm in the sun, and neither squirrels nor birds are generally bright gold and white, at least in my neighborhood. So, yes, Spring is springing here in Houston. The fish are feeling frisky and, well, “getting it on”. My only disappointment is that it’s the comets not the koi. Comets are cheap, but baby koi are anywhere from $50 to $300 a pop!
Of course, what that really all means is that I have to get out there and work on the ponds. Time for Spring cleaning. And, Spring water gardening. And, this year, a whole lot of repair work on the round pond’s waterfall. Right now, if anything blocks the waterfall even a little bit, it starts to overflow out the back. That’s a Bad Thing, in case it wasn’t clear. Not sure how I’ll get that done, especially alone, but I’ll manage somehow. I always do.

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