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New Office!

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The moon is a New Moon

We have moved into our new office! Yea! Actually, we moved in yesterday, but I’m just getting to write about it today. It is so, so nice to finally have an actual office. No more Storage Room B!! I’ve been saying that it’s “no big deal”, but it really is. I ordered business cards yesterday, finally, because I also got an actual extension! I feel like a real-live genuine employee now. I guess I’ll start bringing things into the office for my desk now. And, I’ll finally be able to have actual office supplies. Oh, the joy! The rapture of it all!
We’ve hidden our “lab” area behind a bookcase when you walk in the door, which my boss’ boss liked. Our desks are at right angles to each other, but that lets us not have our backs to the door. I don’t mind having my back to my coworker, but I don’t like having my back to the door. I’m just funny like that. It’s really a nice setup. I may have to get a full-spectrum light for my desk, though, to simulate sunlight. And a plant. Yep, I need to bring in a plant. Hey, if enough of you deadbeats who read this blog clicked on ads, I could buy cool stuff for my desk, too! Or, check out the official Diary of a Network Geek Store. Or, better yet, you could hit my ThinkGeek Wishlist… Nah, all you guys are as poor as I am! Oh, for the 90’s again….

Ooo, I lost that “ugly” five pounds I gained while travelling, too. Maybe it was all the extra exercise moving or something, but I’m back down to my “fighting weight” of 175. Sweet.

Maruta Indian Tree

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The moon is Waning Crescent

Looking for a unique china pattern?
Well, there’s a place called Tabletops, Etc. that will find it for you. I know, it’s sort of an unusual thing for me to put on my blog, but… Well, I keep getting these e-mails from them when they find stuff from the Maruta Indian Tree china pattern. They’re coming from an account that I shutdown months ago, but my main account is the default spill-over from the dead accounts, so I keep getting them. I guess I thought if I posted something about it, it would be like voodoo and make the e-mails go away.
Or, I can just flag them as spam. That would work, too.

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