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Major Kernel Work!

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The moon is a Full Moon

After a day and a half, I managed to get my kernel updated.
I’ve been working on a building a Linux machine that we can use to generate our own customized ZENWorks Imaging Boot CD for the past couple of days. Today, just before lunch, I finally got the kernel updated from 2.4.x to 2.6. It was much more challenging that it sounds! I must have run through at least five different documents from various places on the Internet before I finally found one that worked. Oddly enough, it was titled “How to compile 2.6 kernel for RedHat 9 and 8.0 and get Fedora updates“, by Mike Chirico. It did work, however, on the RedHat AS 3.x server that I’m running.
So, now all I have to do if figure out how to create the Novell Linux Imaging Build Script environment. Yeah, right, “all I have to do”.
Well, as a Lodge Brother used to say, I’m getting along “steady, by jerks”!

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