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Pizza and A&E

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The moon is Waning Crescent

Well, I just sent a friend home with leftovers.
A friend of mine was feeling out of sorts today, as his wife has been out of town for a bit and will be for a bit more. So, he came over and we ordered Domino’s. He brought cheesecake and fancy root beer from Whole Foods. We just sat and watched some “true crime” drama on A&E that my therapist had thought I’d find interesting, which I did. It was adult subject matters, so I won’t discuss it here. (And, no, it wasn’t any deviant behavior that I actually performed, just stuff I knew a little too much about!)
Mainly we talked and were companionable. And, of course, he tried to get my poor, nervous dog to trust him. She’s even more skittish than she was before she left me for a bit. Poor thing. I think that plane flight really messed her up. But, she sure is devoted to me. Even Paul, my friend, had to mention that. She noticed every time I got up or left the room or entered the room. And, most times, she followed me. She’s a good dog. It was good for her to interact with some other people this week. I hope to do that more in the coming months. She really needs to be socialized more. And, so do I.


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