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Holy Spam!

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The moon is Waxing Gibbous

A new kind of spam.
Look, I’m a Christian. Maybe not the best Christian in the world, but I try. My soul has been saved. I have taken Jesus as my personal savior. I don’t need to hear that particular message any more. Honest. So, why do I need this?

Hello Antler,

If you die today where will you go ?
This is the most important thing in life.
Without God we have nothing.
Save yourself and the ones you love:

Say, “Oh God, save my soul. I’m so sorry that I have
sinned against you, but I have come home. I will
serve you, Lord, the rest of my life. Deliver me
from all my sinful habits. Set me free! I do believe
Jesus died on Calvary for me, and I believe in His
blood, that there is power in His blood to wash away
all my sins, all my sins!” Say, “Come into my heart,
Jesus; come on in, Jesus. Come on in!”

If you meant it, He has come. If you meant it,
Jesus is yours. Start reading your Bible, pray daily
and believe that somebody’s listening; His name is Jesus.

I guess it’s better than the usual spam I get for penile enhancement or for cheating housewives or for making thousands of dollars in minutes from home.
But, still… Will anyone really convert from spam like this? Will so impersonal a message really convince anyone to find religion? How long before other faiths try this? Will I have to setup a “Buddha blocker” e-mail rule? Why, Lord, why don’t people think this stuff through before they hit send?


Dog Is My Co-Pilot

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The moon is Waxing Gibbous

I took Hilda for a ride last night.
I paid bills yesterday and ran them over to the post office right away. And, since my sweet, brown girl has become my constant companion, I got Hilda all harnessed up and took her for a ride with me. I got her a “Travelin’ Dog Car Harness” from PetSmart, which she doesn’t really like, but keeps her safe. I got the “medium” for her at first, but it was so small I couldn’t get it on her and I had to get the “Large”. Unfortunately, the “Large” is almost TOO big and I had to cinch it all the way down so that it fits and still works. I like this particular harness because it lets her set up in the seat next to me and see what’s going on, but it attaches to the seat-belt to keep her safe in case of a sudden stop. Also, it’s padded for her comfort.
She’s really funny when we ride together. She rests her little chin on the door by the window and sticks her nose into the airvent. And, she’s done this enough times to know what the word “ride” means now, too. She gets so excited that she can barely hold still long enough for me to put the harness on her! And, when we got home, she was so excited about having an adventure that she was practically vibrating. My only regret was there was no one to tell this all to when we got home. I guess that’s why I’m writing this entry; so that someone, somewhere who knows us knows that we had fun.

Oh, and in unrelated news, I’ve been invited to join the “prayer team” at my church. Well, the “church I attend” is more accurate, since I haven’t actually joined. I really ought to go ahead and join, but I have a few things I want to grill the pastors about first. I find myself diverging somewhat from standard church doctrine and I feel funny about joining this church until I know where they stand on a few issues. Oddly enough, I find myself worried about being too liberal, instead of too conservative. I guess I must be growing up. Or, at least, changing.
Anyway, if you want us to pray for you, drop me a note. Some of you regular readers will be on my prayer list anyway. And, even though there are some of you that would most likely rather not be on my list, I’m going to pray for you anyway.


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