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Cube with a View

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The moon is Waning Crescent

I have a window.
Have I mentioned that before? My new cube at my new job has a window. It’s nice, especially on Friday afternoon when I’m trying to figure out how to fill the seemingly endless hours of weekend without thinking about how lonely I am or whether I should just swallow my own tounge and not worry about it. Much to my own surprise, I usually find things to do that have more merit than choking myself on my own tounge. I wonder how long that can last?
In any case, on Friday afternoon, the window is nice. But, on Monday morning, when I’d rather still be sleeping, it seems a very naughty distraction. Not that there’s a lot to see, mind, but it beats the heck out of my monitor and ToDo List. Not to mention thinking about the payment plan I had to work out with the IRS for the additional money I owe them. Apparently, TurboTax isn’t quite foolproof enough for me, and it let me missfile something. Ah, well, it could be worse, I suppose. I could be unemployed!

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