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Lone Ranger, Part 2

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The moon is Waxing Crescent

I’m starting to feel like the Grim Reaper again…
So, one of the guys a level above me in the food-chain at work starts asking me some cagey questions this morning before lunch. I start to get nervous, thinking that they expected me to have the server migrated by now or something crazy like that. But, no, when I get back from lunch he asks me to disable the accounts of the guy who used to do my full-time job part-time. He’s no longer with the company. Ah-ha! Suddenly all those questions Tuesday about security and security concerns make sense. I still need to address some of them in the long-term, though. Things like having actual names for user names and forced password rotation. Little details like that…
Yeah, I’m working with a blank slate here in regards to an IT infrastructure. Sure, it’s a pretty messy blank slate, but still, there’s no where to go but up and I get to steer the IT boat, so to speak. Not a bad gig, if you can get it. Especially if you can get it without selling your soul or relying on nepotisim. Though, I have to admit, if I had a rich dad who could get me a cushy gig with little or no effort on my part, I wouldn’t kick about it! (Too bad he’s happily retired.)

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