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India-based Identity Theft

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The moon is Waning Gibbous

I have complained about off-shoring recently.
So, I guess it’s about time to start that again. There are three articles about an identiy theft originating at a call center in India this week; one at the BBC, one at the Register, and one at AustralianIT. It’s all the same story though. Allegedly, an employee of a call center in India was selling credit card information. Now, that’s bad. But, what’s worse is the lack of accountability to the victims. How many of these were non-Indian credit card numbers? Most, I’d imagine. But, where is the alleged crook going to be tried and, if found guilty, punished? India. What recourse do the companies and victims have? Little.
Now, is it still worth it to let American workers go without jobs because it’s “cheaper” to farm this out to call centers overseas? Look closely at all the costs involved here, folks. Frankly, I’d rther take a chance with the rural poor here in the States somewhere, anywhere, rather than risk my credit card information with ANY foreginer. I’m not biased in this. I don’t care if it’s France, India, Russia, or where ever. If my financial data is being sent overseas without my consent, there’s a problem. I know what the laws are that govern that here in the USA and I trust those laws. More or less. I don’t even understand the legal system in India, much less the actual laws.

It’s time to think about bringing business back to the hungry workers here in the USA, Corporate America. Sure, we have our problems, but we still take better care of our own people than we can trust anyone else to do.
Thank you. I feel better now.


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