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I’ve Been Cheating

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The moon is a Third Quarter Moon

I admit it.
I’ve been cheating. I know the unspoken rules, and I’ve been breaking them. Not only that, but I’m fairly unrepentant, too. Which rules? Blogging rules! When I get into a writing mood, I write up all kinds of generic, Andy Rooney-ish entries and save them for when I’m too busy, too tired or just plain too lazy to write something good, but want to post anyway. I know that it goes against the unspoken bloggers code or whatever, but I do it anyway. Hey, I look at it this way, when I’m on a roll, I’m on a roll. I should take advantage of it while it’s happening because, as any of you writers out there know, real inspiration hits so very seldom that I can’t afford to waste it. I bring this up because a couple of posts slipped through without quite enough editing and I said a little more when I wrote the post originall than I would have written today. So, if I offended anyone or touched a nerve, it really wasn’t intentional and I apologize.
Anyway, I’ve been breaking the rules for weeks and weeks, but, since none of you seem to have noticed, so I’m going to keep doing it. Nyah! 😛
(Incidentally, WordPess has a whole lot of “smileys” that I don’t normally use, but I’m learning!)

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