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The moon is Waning Gibbous

My dog seems to have done an interesting thing.
She’s retrained herself. My backyard is more or less subdivided into three sections. The “front” section, which is between the house and the koi ponds is mostly what folks see from the house. But, behind the ponds is a whole lot more yard that is divided by a slowly decaying shed. There used to be a fence, too, but that’s all come down now. When we first got Hilda, my ex-wife and I tried to train her only to “do her business” in the far back part of the yard, with the idea that we could enjoy the area by the koi ponds more if it were dog-poop free. Unfortunately, as anyone who has potty trained a puppy knows, my little bundle of brown joy had other ideas. So, for the better part of three years, she’s gone right where I’d prefer she not go. Sometime in the past two weeks, that changed.
Every Sunday, I clean up the yard in preparation for doing yardwork of somekind. Even when it’s too hot to do yardwork, I still police the yard. It’s just part of owning a dog. Yesterday, though, it seemed to me that there wasn’t hardly anything to clean up. And, just when I was thinking about taking the poor, constipated thing to the vet, it occurrs to me that there’s a whole lot more yard for me to check. Sure enough, right where we tried to train her almost three years ago, she’s started “doing her business”.
So, my miracle puppy has read my mind and retrained herself. Wonders never cease!


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