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Disk Crash

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The moon is Waxing Crescent

No, not at the house, thankfully.
I’ve already lost one drive at the house in recent months, but this was at my webhost. I wonder if they were using one of those crappy Maxtor 80 gig drives, too? Well, anyway, the crash wiped any changes made to the blog after about 9:00am Wednesday morning, so I lost Thursday’s post and comments. And, actually, I lost the comments from Wednesday and Friday, too, but I can recreate them from e-mail. So, I’ll be doing that, but they’ll have today’s date on them. Ah, well, better than nothing, I guess.
I have to admit, I was pretty annoyed when I figured that out last night after the server finally came back up. No warning, either, because it was a disk going bad and a sudden kind of “maintenance” More’s the pity, since I had a post queued for yesterday that was lost in the data burp. And, too, at least one module required by the plugin that generates the graphic text I use for my titles needs to be reinstalled. So, until that gets done, please excuse the less than spectacular titles.

Oh, what was that old post? Well, in short, it was an explanation of why I moderate comments. Honestly, I let most comments through, but I do block the gratuitous spam that my blogs get on a regular basis. And, I block comments from the frankly rude, inappropriate people who feel the need to try and force their views on me. Understandably, they are upset and confused as to why I don’t allow their comments through, but I try to make allowances for their little minds. Still, the communicator in me has the unnatural urge to explain, so, I’ll write it again, only this time, I’ll use small words so they understand. If these “people” want to play at being foul-mouthed, petty, whiners, they can pay to have their own forum to express their insignificant ideas, but I see no reason to pay for some chowder-head to express their nasty, negative delusions about me, or the world in general, on my own blog. Clear enough?

Advice from your Uncle Jim:
"Hating people is like burning down your house to get rid of a rat."
   --Harry Emerson Fosdick



  1. Hi. I came across your website while searching technorati. I was just a bit curious who the hosting provider in question is? 🙂


    Comment by Reece Sellin — 8/7/2005 @ 6:44 pm

  2. Reece, A WHOIS lookup seems to show the host as http://www.gnax.net/

    Comment by Stikboy — 8/10/2005 @ 1:44 pm

  3. Actually, it’s http://www.amzia.net, but they may be part of a larger hosting group and just lease their space or servers.
    In five years, this is only the second problem I’ve had with them. The first was a power issue that got quickly resolved and resulted in downtime, but no data loss. This one caught them by surprise and, unfortunately, right before the nightly backup.

    Comment by the Network Geek — 8/10/2005 @ 1:52 pm

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