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Psychotic Managers?

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The moon is Waning Gibbous

No, this is not about to become a looney manifesto.
According to this article on Fastcompany.com, a disturbingly high number of top executives qualify as being sociopathic or psychopathic. According to the article, “Psychopaths have a profound lack of empathy. They use other people callously and remorselessly for their own ends.” And, I’m sure if you’ve spent any time in corporate America, you’ve known at least one manager/supervisor/CEO that met at least those two criteria. There are actually more that *should* clear most of the normal, albeit, agressive and rather heartless managers I’ve known. Most. If you’d like to know if your boss is a sociopath, take their “Is your boss a psychopath” quiz! Yea! Pop psychology!
And, no, I will not comment on anyone I work with in this regard, past or present. What’s more, if you’ll take a little advice from your Uncle Jim, I would keep the results of your quiz to yourself. From what I understand, sociopaths don’t like it much when they’re found out.

Advice from your Uncle Jim:
"Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced."
   --James Baldwin


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  1. help me get an itunes song to burn to a CD that will upload to MP3!! or even play in my car. I hate itunes.

    Comment by mark — 8/27/2005 @ 12:47 pm

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