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The moon is a New Moon

Just some random thoughts that have to come out.

You may notice a small poll to the right. You want to hear my mellow, syrupy tones? Tell me what you want to hear. But, keep it clean! I will NOT be convinced to read Penthouse Letters or the female equivalent. At least not on the first date.
Oh, and I need to find a microphone, too. I know I’ve got one somewhere…

My sourdough starter is really cranking, which is unusual for this time of year. Normally, it would be too cold. It’s already very sour, which is good, and it’s throwing off hooch like you wouldn’t believe! Hmm, I’d bet most of you reading this have no idea what that means, but, I’ll explain in another post.

I haven’t slept well in weeks and I’m afraid I’m going to start hallucinating.

Can attractive, single women actually smell desperation and loneliness on a guy?

I miss the cats that my ex-wife took with her. Two of them, including one that she claims my dog killed, used to meet me at the door when I would get home from work. Even the cats, one of which was my ex-wife’s from a previous marriage, were more loyal than she was!
I prize loyalty and dedication, even through tough times. I often bill myself as an indefatigable ally and an implacable foe. My friends tell me I read too many comic books as a kid.

I love to watch Japanese gangster movies and samurai dramas. I find them arty and restful in a way that American film can’t match. I want to be Beat Takeshi.

I love the sound of Arabic and other Semetic languages. There’s something about the sound of them that makes me think I’m hearing a secret from God. I bought Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ because most of the movie is in Aramaic and Latin, even though they’re not historically accurate, and I think they sound wonderful.

I have to get a shower and run, or I’ll be late for work. Anyone think I should develop any of this into a real post? 🙂

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