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I’d Rather Be Funny

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The moon is Waxing Crescent

Here’s a weekend recap for those who’re paying attention.
Actually, I guess it’s a bit more than that, but, well, most of it happened this weekend. So, Paddy Thai closed on Friday. I was there for one last meal. I actually made it in twice in the past two weeks, but Friday night was the most significant visit. You see, this was the first restaurant I ate in when I first started coming to Houston, almost eleven years ago. My now ex-wife took me in there on my first visit. We sat in one corner and watched a gecko hunt by candle light on the far wall. We were the only people there. It was tre romantic. It became our place. We celebrated anniversaries there and birthdays. Sometimes it was where we went to make up or sooth some of the pain of the world. At least once we used it as a bit of a misplaced bribe. And, mostly, it was about happy memories. Happy memories that were tainted by how our relationship ended. So, I went back a couple times, not to erase the old memories, but to have a few new ones that might color the old. That last night it felt rather like selecting a last meal.
The people who own the building are going to pave it to make more parking for the restaurants on either side.

At the party Saturday night, my beer bread was quite a hit. In spite of, or perhaps because of, the fact that I was there mainly for my testosterone, I had fun. I knew a few of the people there, obviously, but not all. Sadly, the two red-headed ladies I met were both leaving the state this week. In fact the artificial red-head was leaving the country. Usually, it takes a much longer acquaintance with me to drive someone from the state. Still, I had a good time and was “on”. I dressed conservatively, in jeans and a soft, dark, button-down shirt. I was comfortable, which was my only real goal. Most importantly, to me, I didn’t mention my ex-wife all night long. Though, I did mention having been married. I believe in truth in advertising, after all.
Of course, I had visions of collecting phone numbers and dates, but that was not to be. Still, I was funny. The other day, Doc told me that I should think about lasik surgery to get my glasses out of the way. When I asked why, he told me it was because I had eyes that could make some women melt. Luckily, I am firmly confident in my heterosexuality or I might have gotten a little nervous. So, I did my best to make good, nice eye contact. No attempts at smoldering looks or anything so dangerous as that. I’m afraid that I’ve slipped past that magic age where such things are sexy, at least coming from me. Still, the hostess, who’s dating a friend of mine, made a point to mention to him that she thought I was funny. I must have been really on target Saturday.
At first, I was dissapointed that I was funny, instead of sexy. But, then I thought about what it is I want from life and a relationship and it occurred to me that funny is better. Sexy fades with time and age, but funny can last forever. And, after how grim my marriage got, especially at the end, I’d rather be able to make my partner laugh. What’s better than the gift of laughter? The world can be a dark, cold, nasty place and I’d rather leave laughter in my wake than a string of broken hearts. I’d rather be able to make my next wife laugh and fill her life with joy and laughter.
Yep, all things considered, I’d rather be funny.

Advice from your Uncle Jim:
"Every calling is great when greatly pursued."
   --Oliver Wendell Holmes


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