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The moon is Waxing Crescent

Okay, I’ll make some that are serious.
So, this coming year, I’ll make a couple of more serious New Year’s Resolutions.

  1. I will stop dating married women. (Yeah, there are a couple of stories here and, no, you won’t see them on the blog.)
  2. I will stop smoking. Again. Well, cigarettes at least. Eventually. Back off! Remember I have a lighter and I know how to use it!
  3. I will have a more active social life, even if that means talking to total strangers and getting rejected over and over and over and ….
  4. I will read at least one book on Freemasonry and/or the Knights Templar
  5. I will read at least four books on spirituality and/or the history of the Bible
  6. I will talk about my crazy ex-wife less. Unless, egged on by friends who know I have a really, really funny riff about how crazy she really was and what it was like living with her like the time she told me to stop breathing. Yeah, really, no joke.
  7. I will volunteer for more charitable work, inside and outside my church.
  8. I will actually, officially, join my church.
  9. I will lose ten sixteen pounds, bringing my weight back under 180 pounds.
  10. I will make sure that Christmas and birthday presents arrive on time or early for my niece, nephews and ex-step-daughter, but I will not expect to hear that they recieved them at all, much less on time.
  11. I will get at least one more professional certificiation.
  12. I will start writing fiction for publication again.
  13. I will listen to other’s positive opinions about me more than I listen to my own negative opinions.
  14. I will pay random strangers compliments, because who can hear too many nice things about themselves?
  15. I will clean my house, ridding myself, piece by piece, of all my ex-wife’s junk.
  16. I will entertain at my clean house, inviting friends to bring friends, thereby expanding my circle of friends.
  17. UPDATE:

  18. I will learn to weld.
  19. I will weld aesthetically pleasing workout equipment for my own use.

(And, yes, I queued this up to post just after midnight while I’m out. I take that Geek moniker just so far.)

Advice from your Uncle Jim:
"Being right means never having to say you're sorry."
   --Vernor Vinge


  1. The bit about the hallway? That’s something I needed to read. Never heard it to the hallway part. Thanks!

    Comment by Alison — 1/1/2006 @ 7:50 pm

  2. That must have been in the rotating comments. It was “They say when God closes one door, he opens another, but it sure can be lonely waiting in the hallway.” Right?

    Comment by the Network Geek — 1/1/2006 @ 10:06 pm

  3. Yes, it apparently was. When I looked back again, it was gone. I’m glad I got to read it though. It shined light from a different angle.

    Comment by Alison — 1/2/2006 @ 10:56 am

  4. What? No stories about dating married women? How will we get vicarious thrills?

    And haven’t you already read a book about the Freemasons and/or Templars? I thought every book eventually morphed into one if you left it on the shelf long enough.

    Comment by Greg Burgas — 1/2/2006 @ 3:50 pm

  5. Sorry, that should have been at least one per year. There’s always another book coming out. Always.

    And, no, no stories about married women. If I start telling stories now, they’ll start telling stories about me! Besides, it’s not a big deal. I just slept with Jerry Garcia’s wife.

    Comment by the Network Geek — 1/2/2006 @ 4:01 pm

  6. That’s very ambitious, but I’m cheering you on. Now I need to go make a list. 5 days late.

    Comment by Jill — 1/5/2006 @ 11:27 am

  7. […] Just thought I should throw out a little note about why things have been so quiet here. First, there’s my other blog, Diary of a Network Geek. That bad boy sucks up a lot of my time. Then, there’s work. Yes, they actually expect me to work and produce results! Can you imagine!? Then, there’s the fact that I’m single again. Yeah, being single takes up a lot of time, especially when you’re trying to NOT be single. And, I’m gaining ground there, too. Then, too, are my list of New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve been working on them pretty steadily. Notice what number Twelve is? Yeah, write more. Specifically, write more for publication. So, while trying to get that going, along with the rest of my life, this blog tends to languish. Still, I do intend to maintain a Friday Fun Link every Friday. We’ll see how long that lasts… Anyway, now you know! […]

    Pingback by Fantasist’s Scroll » Slow News Day — 2/14/2006 @ 5:34 pm

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