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Killer Bunnies

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The moon is Waxing Gibbous

Yes, blood-thirsty, cute, fluffy bunnies.
Actually, it’s a game. No, don’t ask how I found this because I will not reveal my super-secret source. And, it’s a little embarassing. Anyway, Killer Bunnies is this relatively new card game wherein one tries to keep as many of your own bunnies alive while killing as many of your opponents. I have not played this game, but it sounds like it would appeal to the same side of me that likes listening to Rob Zombie. A twisted combonation of dark malice and sweet rays of sunshine. And, now, you can make your own, very special killer bunnies for the game with Killer Bunny Blanks. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect gift for the up and coming Goth in your house?

Hey, what do you want from me here? It’s been a long week.
(What? This doesn’t seem like fun to you? Come back next week for more Geek Pickup Lines, then.)


  1. A word of advice… If you’re trying to lose the Network Geek moniker, you should probably stop talking about stuff like Killer Bunnies. Talk about naked chicks or something like that.

    Comment by GC Philo — 3/10/2006 @ 7:38 pm

  2. Um, what gave you the idea that I wanted to “lose the Network Geek moniker”? For one thing, it pays the bills fairly well. For another, it’s a usefull skill. At the moment, my professional life is rather dull, so I’m not talking about it, but I don’t have any issues with being a geek of any stripe.
    Oh, maybe you were projecting?

    Comment by the Network Geek — 3/10/2006 @ 7:57 pm

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