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New Novell Boss

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The moon is Waning Crescent

Hey, remember the days when I talked about geek stuff all the time?

Yeah, me neither, but, still, the title of the blog is Diary of a Network Geek and this is news that matters to geeks, so…  I saw this yesterday and again early this morning: Novell Sacks Cheifs. So, it looks like another changing of the guard at Novell.  I find myself wondering how long this company will be able to hold on these days.  I know, people have been saying that for ages about poor, little Novell, but, really, how much longer can they hold on at this point?  A dwindling market share, massive competition from giants like Micro$oft and endless management changes do NOT inspire confidence.  Sure, they’ve revamped their product line to embrace Linux, but I’m starting to think that it’s too little, too late.  And, trust me, I LOVE Novell and their products.  I’ve been a Novell zealot since I started in IT and Novell certified for fourteen years.  I used to live and breathe this stuff.  I’ve seen Novell product do more on fewer resources than, well, than almost anything going.  But, even I have to question the company’s decisions and direction these days.

I guess it’s a good thing I enjoy Linux and got Linux certified not too long ago.  Maybe, with this news, it’s time to focus on my Unix experience and abandon Novell to the market wolves.  I certainly would prefer a Linux or Unix job over a Windows Admin position.  Of course, if the pay is right, I’ll babysit your kids or design web-pages for you.  Heck, if you pay me enough, I’ll even publish trade magazines for the self-storage industry!

How to Disappear

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The moon is Waning Crescent

At least, in an urban environment.

Somehow, I missed this on Cool Hunter, thankfully, bOING bOING caught it and pointed the way. A Dutch design firm has created a sort of urban “blind”, but, I don’t think they mean for you to hunt ducks downtown with it. It’s a little, single-person shed that’s meant to look like the ubiquitous lumps of metal hiding and protecting the omnipresent electronics that run through our cities. My only thought would be that, instead of getting a little privacy, I’d keep getting phone guys checking to see if their backhoe had just taken out my circuits.

Anyway, the possibilities are endless with this and it looks so goofy that it must be fun. C’mon, you know you want to click the link and see the pretty pictures.

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