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Magazine Poll

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The moon is Waxing Gibbous

I suppose I should explain the new poll a bit more.

I like getting things in the mail.  Well, specifically, things that aren’t bills.  I’ve been a Wired magazine subscriber for more years than I care to count.  But, at the moment, that’s the only regular subscription I have going.  I think I’d like to add at least one more, but I have very eclectic taste when it comes to reading material.  So, I’m looking for a little advice.  I’ve got several magazines in mind, which I listed in that poll, but, in case you’re not familiar with them, I’ll give a quick sketch of them here.

Dwell– Dwell is a home design magazine that I stumbled across, somehow, right when it first came out.  It’s a little edgy, but pretty modern and fairly hip.  It has some interesting ideas, some of which I might actually be willing to try in my own house.  It’s arty and would look good on my coffee table.

Men’s Vogue– Okay, first of all, I am not making this up.  Check the link, it actually does exist.  I got a free issue in the mail, probably because I subscribe to Wired or something.  It’s not bad, but, well, it says “Vogue” right on the cover and seems a little, um, er, queer.  Not that it’s bad, but I have enough trouble, seeming a little too feminine probably is not the best way to go for me.  Still, I’m thinking that having a magazine that has Vogue in the title is bound to score some kind of points with someone.
Men’s Health– Okay, my thought here was “Get off your lazy ass and get back into shape!”  No, seriously, that was mainly what I was thinking.  But, of course, Men’s Health also has a lot of articles on food, entertainment, women, sex, and style, besides just working out and exercise types of things.  Also, would look good on my coffee table.

Scientific American–  Hey, I like science and I’m American, so…  Okay, seriously, I do enjoy keeping up on some of the latest scientific developments and Popular Science is written like USA Today, for the least common denominator.  I need something that doesn’t talk down to me.  My concern is, though, that they’ll cover some of the same ground that Wired will.  Also, there might not be something that catches my attention in every single issue.

Locus–  A trade mag for science-fiction and fantasy writers.  It shows who’s writing what and when it will come out.  Sometimes is even has who was paid what kinds of advances for their novels and such.  Any big shake-ups in the industry show up here.  And, they have decent reviews as well as regular “Top Ten” bestseller lists.  It is a bit pricey though, so even if you all vote for that one, I’ll have to really think about it.  My thought here is that if I want to publish in this field, then I should know the field, you know?

Finally, of course, if there’s a really good suggestion you think I’ve overlooked, fill in your own answer!  Thanks for playing.

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