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Hot Geeks

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The moon is Waning Gibbous

No, not me or anyone I know.

Sorry, but most of the geeks I know either simply are not “hotties” or are men and, well, I just don’t see them that way. And, of course, with the way my negative weight-loss has been going, I’m far from that myself. Still, rumor has it that they’re out there. Certainly, it seems they’re in Australia. At least, if this article about a Hot Geek chick calendar on AustralianIT is to be believed. Certainly, the website for the calendar itself, IT Screen Goddesses, seems to be legit. At least, they’re selling calendars of beautiful women. But, what’s their “geek cred”? Do they run Linux? Are they programmers? That I cannot say from the article or website, but, well…

Okay, this just struck me as funny. I apologize in advance to any of my readers who might, possibly find this demeaning in any way. And, you have to give them credit, at least they’re highlighting beauty and brains, in a single package. Surely, it’s no surprise that such things can coexist to my female readers, but it might shock some of my more sheltered male readers.

So, now that I’ve ruined my chances with any hot chicks who read this blog, you might as well click on the links and get chuckle. It is Friday, after all.


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