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We’re Back!

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The moon is Waxing Crescent

Well, the new hosting company finally got it all fixed.

It took a bit of convinceing but they seem to have finally fixed all the problems.  Yea!  And, no, I don’t feel any shame at all reminding them that I’m a cancer patient who uses this blog to keep in touch with friends and family.  Whatever it takes.

Speaking of that, the doctors sent me in for an HIV test last week.  No, not because I’m a filthy tramp, but to rule out that’s why this cancer suddenly showed up.  I’m sure you’ll all be as pleased as my mother to know that the test came back clear.  As my older brother wrote me, “At least the negative HIV is one positive note.”  And, so it is.  One step in the right direction.

Otherwise, there’s not much else to report.  I contacted my friends from church at MD Anderson, so they’re working things from their end.  My private nurse seems to have taken over getting after everyone who’s anyone at church that might help me.  I’m not entirely sure what I did to make such an impression on her, but I’m not going to knock it.  Right now, I’ll more than happily accept anyone who is willing to be my advocate in this arena.  Besides, from what I hear, once she makes up her mind, I don’t think I’d have a choice anyway, so I might as well just say thank you and enjoy someone taking care of me for a change.

Well, now I need to go get ready for work.  There’ll be more updates as the week goes on, now that the blog is working again.

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